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Barnwood Bliss Owner

Driven by a desire to find healthier alternatives for my family and pets, I founded Barnwood Bliss, an eco-friendly candle company. Frustrated with the adverse effects of conventional scented products on both our health and the environment, I embarked on a search for safer options. Despite exploring numerous candles and wax melts, my efforts were in vain as allergies persisted among our dogs and ourselves. That was until I discovered the virtues of coconut soy wax. This discovery led me to delve into the craft of candle and wax melt production, where I found joy in the intricate balance of art and science involved. Our transition to using Barnwood Bliss's products marked a significant turning point, eradicating allergies from our household. My ambition extended beyond creating mere products; I aimed to establish a brand that embodies integrity and a commitment to maintaining the utmost naturalness, right down to our shipping practices.

Barnwood Bliss Signature
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